Rainer´s  Bio

Born in 1963 in Germany, Stuttgart, Rainer grew up in Hannover and lives now nearby, surrounded by 4 river beds on a kind of island. After a near-death experience at the age of 1 year in the context of a navel operation, he experienced some already impressive sensations in the course of his youth. Seeing, anticipating upcoming events, up to the almost every-night "travelling" out of his body, are his special skills beside an amazing ability of listening and reflecting answers in conversations with people who feel the need to express their challenges in life. At the age of 12 first conversations with trees, plants and animals in the nearby forest were added. Nature has since become his second home and at the age of 16 he trained as a leader of youth groups, which he led for many years in associations and with which he travelled by bike to the Netherlands, Denmark and inner Germany. During this time he had his first experiences of healing with natural remedies.

In 1988 Rainer was awarded 2 books as first prize in a competition by executives, which enabled him to make a quantum leap in his life and from which he still collects knowledge today, more than 30 years later, in order to apply it in his life. Both books, by Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill, marked the start of a very successful career in real estate that he completed in 2010.


1988, he began his personal development as a coach and trainer in the field of inner and outer balance.


1990, after the birth of his first son Jan, he studied Alternative Medicine, Feng Shui and Outerworldly Communication, which he continues to this day and the results of this flow into his daily work in order to make them available to as many people as possible.


1997, two years after his son Tom son was born he went together with Jan to Norway, the first of many journeys to countries with very powerful natural energy. Many times he visited the World of Norwegian Spirits, the Lofots, Iceland, Ireland, Tooth Temple in Kandy in Sri Lanka, Canada and Macchu Pichu in Peru. Several of this journeys made together with Jan and Tom. In Canada´s wilderness, near the small village of Elk Lake, Rainer stayed with with both of them on seperate father and son experiences as a confirmation gift. The most wonderful journeys in his life.


2009 was the starting point of the collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, worldknown Grandmaster of Qi-mag Feng Shui, Geomancy and Preventive, Complementary Natural Medicine. Rainer completed his studies at the Open International University Medicina Alternativa in Sri Lanka with diplomas. As a consultant for SOMA Health, Preventive Complementary Natural Medicine and Feng Shui he obtained worldwide approval. Geomancy, the supreme discipline of Feng Shui, a very extensive and constantly adaptable field of study in relation to the changes of Mother Earth and Universe,  Rainer is studying to this day.


2010 the paths met with Dr. Roy Martina,  worldknown very successful Trainer, Coach and Visionary, who created the healing techniques of OMEGA HEALING out of more than 35 years of research and personal studies. The core is the achievement of a person's Emotional Balance. Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA are the places where Rainer studied this technique as well as NLP and Hypnosis and was trained as a certified Life Coach. CSH (Christallin Source Healing), Quantum Healing, Heart Healing and Remote Healing, developed by Roy and his wife Joy, round off the intense part of Healing on different levels Rainer accompanied.


2012, 33 years after his first conscious nocturnal journey, Rainer consciously intensified his outerworldly abilities. During the first worldwide Christallin Oracle Training created by  Dr. Joy Martina, with whom he had previously participated in the "Enlightened Heart" of Drunvalo Melchisedek, he learned to optimize his powers and became a founding member of the ICON (International Christallin Oracle Network). Isabelle von Fallois and Samra Filurija strengthened his senses for intuition and foreknowledge.


Over the decades, Rainer has bundled his knowledge, experience and coaching, coordinated it and integrated it into the "Secret OF Inner Balance©"(SoIB) Program. The program, from whose enormous strength and excellent mode of action he was able to profit on his own body and to the great astonishment of the physicians in the context of severe cardiac arrhythmia Rainer experienced, is based on the millennia-old knowledge of Feng Shui and a total of 8 or more other disciplines. From the imbalance of his body, Rainer came out with a heart power that is close to that of a top athlete and which, according to the written assessment of the head professor of the largest heart centre in Europe, was not to be expected. Neither in terms of power, nor in terms of the speed of realization.


2019: International Consulting, Coaching and Channeling are the special fields in which Rainer is very successfully active today. Workshops, Seminars, Personal Life Coach. He is in demand and active in more than 20 countries, including Germany, BENELUX, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Peru and USA. He has coached, supported and accompanied people from more than 40 nations on their way to achieving their goals. Rainer is


  • Human
  • BalanceBringer
  • Consultant Feng Shui
  • Begründer des SECRET OF INNER BALANCE ©
  • Senior Master Feng Shui by Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim
  • TAOist spiritual and Geomantic Techniques Practionier by Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim
  • SOMA Health Consultant & Life Coach by Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim
  • OMEGA Health Coach & Weight Loss with VGB certified by Dr. Roy Martina
  • Christallin Oracle & Medium certified by Dr. Joy Martina
  • 7th Sense Life Coach certificied by Isabelle von Fallois & Samra Filurija


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