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In your Shop2Buy you buy products that have been selected by me on the basis of personal experience, in some cases decades of experience. The articles meet the high quality standards that we also set for our consultations. The respective products actively support YOU and promote our work in RainBow FengShui, TAO Geomancy and the harmonisation of frequencies for body and mind.

You can download product information and/or explanations of the areas of application for all articles. RainBow FengShui and TAO Geomancy articles are to be used as so-called remedies, which are to direct the Qi in a harmonic and vitalising way.

 These high-quality articles, such as the Flower of Life on granite or the energy boxes, are handmade in single pieces, which means that a short waiting time until delivery has to be planned. During the waiting period you can, by prior arrangement, receive a transitional item from me.

We would like to point out at this point that none of the products to be purchased here represent a medical product, nor are any healing promises made. It is your personal responsibility to consult a medical professional or doctor for advice and/or treatment if necessary.

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Soma-Vita Shen-Ion Harmonik® Nano-Atto Technologie

Introduction: Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto Technology was first invented by Dr Jes T. Y. Lim in Germany in 1997. His range of products for health care, health prevention and pain management has been marketed in over 26 countries in Europe, North and South America and Australia as well as Asia. The products support and revitalise the normal harmonious functions of the cells of humans, animals and plants and have no known negative side effects. Each product is valuable with its own unique frequencies along with the core Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto Technology.

This disruptive breakthrough nano-atto technology pushes beyond today's scientific quantum bio-frequency boundaries.  It applies a combination of several 22nd century technologies combining traditional physical materials and products, free energy application, advanced energy medicine and bioresonance diagnostic system. Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto Technology produces gently pulsating harmonic spherical frequencies that continuously pulsate outwards and expand in a spherical and wave-like manner.