Colours of Life


The Flower of Life was designed by the old egyptians. However, you can find this symbol in similar forms in lots of other cultures as well. The Flower of Life can be interpreted as a symbol for our DNA, our connection to the bodycells, and as a symbol for the network of life.

It is a symbol with a high positive radiation and has a multiple use to create positive energies through the power of the symbol. Each one of the colours of the rainbow represents a special emission of light and therefore carries it's special quality. If we are aware of this radiation, we can use it in our life with ease.

There would be a lot to write about each colour and what it expresses energetically. We just want to name some short keywords to inspire you to explore the world of colours yourself – and especially what this means for you.



Pink: Love & Shelterdness

colour like in mothers belly

Red: Energy & Presents

clolour like the flame of heat

Orange: Joy & Lightheartedness

colour as fresh as an orange

Yellow: Intellect & Creativity

colour like the sun


Green: Growth & Heart Power

colour as sprouting as nature


Turquoise: Vision & Intuition

A color like the horizon in the sky



Blue: Prosperity & Relaxation

color calm and cool like a deep lake

Violet: Spirituality & Transformation

color as mysterious as amethyst.

Gold: Struktur & Entscheidung

Das spirituell Licht des wertvollsten Metall

The soul loves truth – therefore you have to feel deep inside yourself  which colour is spontaneously most appealing to you – colours can help you to realize your current needs. If you are conscious of this radiation, colours can be used with ease.

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