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Rainer Wemhöner,  Feng Shui -Balance Bringer

 To be a Feng Shui - BalanceBringer started for me already as a teenager.

 Again and again it happened that close relatives, acquaintances, friends or even strangers asked

me how they should deal with upcoming problems in their lives. Something was out of balance.

Long conversations, the exchange of points of view or simply listening work wonders for us humans.

We are in Balance when we experience Love and Harmony in ourselves and around us.

It is always a magical joy for me to be able to experience when, after despair, frustration, sadness,

changes in life or a simple malaise, the eyes of the other person begin to shine, possibly

tears of relief start to flow or a happy smile appears on the face.


 As Feng Shui - BalanceBringer I will support you to return balance back into your life, your house, your apartment, into togetherness

with friends and relatives. Most of the time it happens that first steps can be done very fast. Sometimes it needs longer time

and more activities. If you want to go your personal "Way of Balance" and are willing to actively participate yourself,

we can bring you back to the LifeBalance you dream of.


My personal Feng Shui is my Inner Balance
The earth I move on is my healed earth, my geomancy.
Feng Shui Your Life and you will experience the balance in yourself and your environment daily.