"Feng Shui, to live a life in harmony and happiness, a life in inner balance and in connection with the higher worlds of our being."

This is why I, Rainer Wemhöner, set out over 40 years ago to learn and study the millennia-old teachings of Feng Shui, geomancy, the frequencies of Yin & Yang in nature and especially in people.  Intensive studies in many countries of the world have brought me into contact with very wise and experienced teachers who were willing to pass on and impart their knowledge to me.

 "BalanceBringer Consulting - Counselling in your frequencies"

offers you the possibility to tune your person, your flat or house and also your workplace or your company back to the frequencies and vibrations that correspond to your needs.  Together with you, your family or your team, well-founded analyses of the current state and your goal are prepared and after evaluation, in your interest, with the integration of our results and recommendations, are set on the path that will lead you to your goal.

You are involved at every step, so that you can already personally experience and learn to recognise the first, usually very short-term, changes.


RainBow FengShui:


I have been advising and coaching people and animals in more than 40 countries for more than 15 years as a Senior Master Feng Shui & TAO Geomancy in the topics of Feng Shui as well as the intensively related fields of health and preventive alternative medicine.

I have completed my very practical studies and training in Asia, South America, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland as well as the Netherlands. My focus was and still is on the teachings of the Qi Mag Institute of the Grand Master Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y Lim, to whom I am very grateful for his teachings and wisdom.

TAO Geomancy has a special position in our time and is increasingly being used in consultations. Besides the geopathic interference fields in the earth, it also deals with the topics of electrosmog of high and low frequencies, mobile radio and magnetism and their influence on the energetic fields of the human being and the organs.


BBC Business Consulting | Feng Shui
Based on my more than 30 years of experience in senior management of international corporations, I support companies and self-employed people worldwide as a business consultant and coach with a focus on optimising and realigning organisational structures and interdepartmental communication. The connection with Feng Shui is automatic, as the building in which a company is based is subject to the natural regulations and frequencies of nature, respectively Feng Shui & TAO Geomancy.



An essential part of my work as a business consultant and coach is to create the best possible link between employees and successful activities. For this purpose I use LoShu very successfully.

 LoShu goes back to the first emperor of China who, according to legend, discovered the basics of LoShu, a square with the numbers 1-9. The magic of the square results from the fact that the addition of the 3 diagonal, vertical or horizontal digits always results in the very strong 15.

The magic grid of the LoShu is the starting point of Feng Shui, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astrology and, among many other things, also in the wider field of Western conventional medicine.
Employees are analysed on the basis of the LoShu of the analysis and evaluation of their birth numbers, in connection with their field of activity, in the Asian lunar system and can thus be optimally deployed in the company, according to their strengths, so that the desired added value - win-win for employees and company - can result.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my website. May you find inspiration on these pages for a positive shaping of your life in harmony, joy, health and happiness.

I am happy to be here for you.