Working with Rainer

When working with Rainer, BALANCE is the core of the action!

Whether by participating in his program "Science of inner Balance", Feng Shui Your Life, House and Business, Channeling & Coaching, Live-Workshop, or at lectures, you always have the opportunity to experience the knowledge of your Personal Balance. In all areas of Rainer´s BalanceBringer is the core to which he will lead you, so that you can then marry with appropriate strength and confidence into your new area of life.

If you would like to learn more about this, we invite you to read our information on this website or the blog. We would like to recommend the Info Coaching Package, in which interesting monthly reports, videos or applications are presented, which help you to easily find your balance. This package also gives you 50% off access to the "Science of Inner Balance" online media library which will be opened July 2019.

Science of Inner Balance

"A person's personal balance is achieved when the balance in the personal, natural, innate element of the person is reached."

rainer wemhöner

Science of Inner Balance is the knowledge of the Personal Inner Balance Point.
How we can learn from TAOism and its wisdom about the processes of nature, earth, universe, everything consists of elements. In Chinese Feng Shui these are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. We humans are also known to be nature, which means that the elements are also represented in us. A person who finds solutions to challenges in his life in a playful way can be closely connected with the element water. The respective element is connected with the birth of man, it is part of his personal balance point. By leading you to your Balance Point, Science of Inner Balance teaches you how to balance yourself again and again and how to stay in balance for a long time. You will realize that today's "problems", which may accompany you for many years or even determine your life, dissolve into positivity and disappear.

In our February blog I answer the question:

What is Balance? Read here...

Feng Shui Your Life

"If you want to bring the wisdom of Feng Shui into your life, start in your inner being, for you are Feng Shui, it begins in your heart and enlightens the world".

Feng Shui Your Life has its roots in the knowledge of philosophical TAOism and its physical implementation Feng Shui. The wisdom experienced is based on life-long observations and research by people who worked on behalf of the respective Emperor of China.

Since man is also part of the great cycle of nature, the processes also take place in us. Who had had sentions in times of full moon, knows what is meant. Feng Shui Your Life deals with this interaction. It goes beyond the general Feng Shui, which often deals with the real estate, house, so from outside to inside works. If a change takes place in the outside, then it also takes place in the inside. Feng Shui Your Life begins in the interior of the people, defoldes the person, what strengthens and promotes and also what is to be balanced. This result is overlaped with the outside, consisting of home and workplace. Through this gentle procedure you will recognize the interaction that happens to you every day and learn where and how your life can become more harmonized and joyful. It is a soft and gentle way of creating your life.

Channeling & Coaching

"Channeling & Coaching are like siblings in spirit & body, what the universe sends you reaches every cell of your body, teaches you to grow, to be; listen, live"

Channeling & Coaching are indispensably connected with each other when it comes to the optimization of personal circumstances of myself or those of a client.
By starting with asking myself what to eat for lunch today, I have 2 options. First of all, I can follow my thinking and prepare what my head tells me out of habit, which is logical. BUT, what does my body actually want? Is he really hungry or is it stress hunger? Just this intuition to ask the body is already Coaching. I open myself to the possibility that my body is not really hungry, what means, that food as my head thinks it is needless, i.e. only pacifying stress symptoms.
Now that I know that this is the case, I would at least like to eat the optimal food in order to do something good to myself under these circumstances. I want to end the symptoms and at the same time promote my vitality. At this point, at the latest, I need my intuition, my sensitivity, to begin to listen to messages from a channel. I get unknown knowledge which is good for my body. That is Channeling I teach and excercise with you  in our Master Class.

 MasterClass & Personal Coaching

Rainer has deep expertise  and a very practical approach towards teaching our MasterClass group. It’s amazing to see where we all started and what beautiful results we achieved under their guidance. They know what they are doing!

Sure enough, when we embark on such a life-changing journey, it has to be crystal clear that it’s a process and some STUFF comes up which we have to learn to deal with. In the group, each and every person has his own ballast from the past and  when it all comes out together, it might be overwhelming. Rainer knew how to bring balance into group, help us face our shadows and transform them into the light. He has beautifully orchestrated this symphony and as result the strong feeling of being one family was created. 

I have personally learnt how important it is to be compassionate, kind and loving to myself going through this personal change in order to become a great heart-centered Oracle. My self-confidence and sense of trust to the Universal plan rose beyond any expectation. Now I believe in my infinite inner power while being on the mission to shine my inner light and inspire others to shine theirs as we all have that Divine Self in us waiting to be re-discovered and lived. 


I am feeling blessed and deeply grateful to have this beautiful experience of growing as a Family and to live the Spirit of Togetherness.


Thank you my Oracle Family!


- Anna 💖, Germany


Rainer´s guidance will change you forever!


Rainer is a warm person with a genuine interest in people. I wanted to change my life in 2019 and with Rainer´s Coaching I really made  steps in changing my mindset and behaviour. And that feels very good. The exercises we do in Rainer´s MasterClass also allow you to trust your own intuition and the information you receive.


If you want to take steps in your life, know that under the personal guidance of Rainer you will know where to work on and change forever!  


- Anja, Netherlands


He, (Rainer) is the BalanceBringer full of resources!


You have helped me in many ways..., but most important, you have helped me in rediscovering an important part of myself and so bringing more balance inside myself and in my life. Thank you!


- Jasmin, Switzerland


Hello dear Rainer,


I would like to give you a feedback to our weekend seminar.


In this seminar I could clearly feel how the energies move and take a different direction.

It was very moving for me and I could clearly feel the trust and love of the other participants, which inspired me and for the first time I could really trust myself.

It was for me a ticket into my own life, a life full of love, trust and healing. Since then it has become much easier for me to follow my inner guidance.

I am so grateful to you and the other participants for this wonderful seminar.


with my dearest heartfelt greetings


- Margarita, Deutschland