Rainer ~ BalanceBringer


Feng Shui, a life in harmony and happiness, a life in inner balance and in connection with the higher wisdom of our being.


That is why many decades ago Rainer Wemhöner embarked on the path of the centuries-old knowledge of Taoism and Feng Shui

to study and apply. Intensive studies in many countries of the world got Rainer in contact with very wise and experienced

 teachers who were willing to pass on their knowledge to him.


Today Rainer is as Senior Master Feng Shui, founder of the Science of Inner Balance, Consultant of Soma Health & Life as

well as an Oracle and member of the ICON for his clients around the globe, to support you in your wonderful life

in inner Balance, harmony, love, health and prosperity. 


It is my pleasure to welcome you on our website.

May you find inspiration on these pages for a

positive creation of your life. 


yours Rainer Wemhöner