What is Balance?

What is Balance?

by BalanceBringer©


To answer this question it makes sense to know what balance means. This does not mean what Wikipedia or a Duden define as balance. It's more about your personal balance. The balance of your person. Do you know your balance?

The meaning of balance is generally understood to mean that one balance is balanced or, in the case of imbalance, one side of the balance or a seesaw lowers and the other rises. In sports, the handstand is considered well balanced, then there are terms like work-life balance and so on. - In reality, balance is so much more than that.


"A person's personal balance is achieved when the balance in the personal, natural, innate element of the person is reached."


To define the personal balance Rainer uses his special field Science of Inner Balance, the discipline "Feng Shui of the Person". The basis for the approach he has developed is formed by a total of 8 different disciplines. The core is the knowledge of the 5 Chinese elements to create the optimal life cycle. In the interaction of your personal birth environment with the 5 elements:


  1. water
  2. wood
  3. fire
  4. earth
  5. metal


a first important information can be obtained.


If this analysis shows, for example, that your personal element is water, the information is that your personal balance is different than if you had the element wood. While water is very flexible in its liquid state, i.e. difficult to unbalance and tends to balance out imbalances or is surrounded by difficulties, the balance of wood is firm and apparently hardly flexible. Fire, metal and earth are different from water or wood.


As a BalanceBringer, the goal is to achieve a harmonious, loving unity in you and your family environment. Thus imbalances between

  • partners,
  • parents
  • children
  • siblings
  • colleagues

can be recognized very fast and the balancing can be started.


If one of the partners belongs to the element water and the other to fire, you can quickly guess that these are two very different forms of balance, which can balance each other very well, but also very intensely out of balance.

It should be mentioned at this point that such opponents can also be in your person, 2 or more opposing elements. By identifying this, recurring challenges can be identified and, in most cases, balanced.

The balance analysis of your person is far more comprehensive than this small excerpt, which is intended to show in an easily understandable way how important it is to deal with your personal balance if you want to find balance and joy in life or to eliminate the alleged causes of problems in life.


1.)            Would you like to know more about your personal balance? 


2.)            You would like to know which of the 5 elements distinguishes your person?


3.)            Would you like to know more about how you can balance your flow of life and steer it according to your wishes?


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